Monday, January 24, 2011

Some of My Ink Work

 Highschool Anti-Bullying Poster (2004)

Face (2004)

The University of Sydney, Wesley College Informal 'Westock', featuring Faker and The Cops (2007)
Webbed (2007)

Hope (2008)

Jungle Girl (2008)
Ink on canvas

Album Cover Design for Paul Doust (2009)

Some quick sketches

Some 10 minute doodles from AFTRS Animation Directing class last year (February - June 2010).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back at CalArts

So I'm back at CalArts after a pretty wild Christmas break, which has rendered me temporarily pooped.

Things I did in 3 weeks: 
21 Dec 2010: Flew to Sydney
23 Dec: Flew to Canberra
25 Dec: Drove to Bungendore NSW and spent Christmas with the family at 'Scribbly Gums'
27 Dec: Drove to Sydney where I hung out with Sash and finished my film 'Forget Me Not' for Tropfest 2011
31 Dec: Quiet night in for NYE watching Coraline and Burn After Reading
3 Jan 2011: Flew to Singapore
4 Jan: Flew to Hanoi
5 Jan: Caught a bus to a tiny rural Vietnamese village 3 hours out of Hanoi
6 Jan: Bus, row boat, and 1 hour walk to the summit of famed Buddhist mountain-cave temple at Chua Hueng
7 Jan: Flew to Hoi An
9 Jan: Flew to HCMC/Saigon
10 Jan: Bus and boat trip to the Mekong Delta where I visited a traditional rural marketplace... for a different blog post.
11 Jan: Flew to Singapore
12 Jan: Flew to LA with a stopover in Tokyo.

POOPED! And the semester hasn't even begun!!! Not to worry, my NY resolution (for the next 6 months) is to trial Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Body Diet, Polyphasic Sleep cycles, and Russian Kettlebell workout to keep everything in pace. Let's see how it goes.

Til next time... xox